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Reunion Island is a small jewel 72 km long and 51 km wide. "Lost" in the middle of the Indian Ocean about 10,000 km from Paris. Located in the north of the island, the capital Saint-Denis hosts the International Chess Open 2024.

Combine your passion for chess with meeting Reunion - the intense island. Activities and outings are planned for the players and guides to discover the many facets of the island.

The Maïdo panorama with its magical view of the Mafate cirque, the lagoons and sandy beaches, hiking at the foot of the volcano "Piton de la Fournaise" (the most active volcano in the world).

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The prices

The tournament is endowed with 4 600 € of prizes divided according to several categories. At these prices are added rewards given at the beginning of each round to the players who have done the best performances.


From the general classification

  • 1
    1 500 €
  • 2nd
    1 000 €
  • 3rd
    600 €
  • 4th
    400 €
  • 5th
    200 €


    3 700 €


By categories

  • Female 1er
    100 €/ 2eme 50€
  • Veterans 1er
    100 €/ 2eme 50€


300 €


From 1400 to 2200

  • from 2001 to 2200
    1er 100 €/ 2eme 50€
  • from 1801 to 2000
    1er 100 €/ 2eme 50€
  • from 1601 to 1800
    1er 100 €/ 2eme 50€
  • from 1400 to 1600
    1er 100 €/ 2eme 50€


    600 €

  • From 12 to 19
    October 2024

  • 9 rounds
    Swiss System

  • Salle des fêtes
    de Bellepierre


The international chess open of the Reunion exists for more than 20 years and allows the Réunionnais players to meet high level players from all over the world. Each year, more than 60 players from all over the world meet on the island of Reunion. Located in the north of the island, the capital of Saint-Denis hosts the International Chess Open 2023 on the island of Reunion.

ranking of players in 2023

the ranking in 2023 :

First VELTEN Paul GM, Echiquier Châlonnais,
Second MOUHAMAD Mf, Barreau de Paris Echecs,
Third MEZOUAGHI Miloud La Réunion, Echiquier du Lagon

The Reunion island

We are proud of our island and wish to discover it by all the means that come. Also, it is not only a question of chess but also of escape on this island nicknamed the intense island. This is the opportunity to discover its volcano, its 1000 km of trails, its unique flora. It is also appreciate its Creole cuisine and his living together.

Nos partenaires

Contact us!

To register and any inquiries regarding this Open 2024.

Questions and registration

Facebook : echiquierdunord.re (Quick answer to all your questions on our facebook)


** Jean +262 692 07 02 00 or Thierry +262 262 97 70 38


Email: contact@echiquierdunord.re ou info@echiquierdunord.re


Salle des fêtes de BellePierre Allée des Topazes 97400 Saint-Denis de la Réunion